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Muya, a London based company, is introducing for the first time to the UK market the unsung hero of the coffee plant “Kuti” Coffee Leaf Tea. A lightly caffeinated tea made from the leaves of Arabica Coffee bean plant, which has a smooth, nutty, and earthy taste with sweeter grassy notes in the background.

The traditional consumption of coffee leaf tea in Ethiopia goes back for centuries. Coffee farmers and the local communities use coffee leaf tea as a traditional medicine to treat or mitigate various conditions including cold and flu, fatigue, brain fog, or simply as a nourishing beverage all year round.

Muya Kuti, is sourced from coffee farmers in Ethiopia and are meticulously prepared following traditional and customary processes and packaged exclusively in the UK.

Health Claims 

Our interest in discovering health-promoting foods and beverages has substantially grown as we become more conscious of what we habitually consume. This naturally involved looking into indigenous cultures where minimally processed ingredients are found to be the key to their relatively good health and wellbeing. Coffee leaf tea fits into this interest in shifting our consumption patterns to natural products and recent peer-reviewed studies indicate we are onto something quite big.

The following are some of the benefits: 

  • Coffee leaves are found to pack antioxidant properties with a much higher content than most ingredients considered to promote health, such as green tea and blueberries.
  • Coffee leaves contain high level of manigiferin, a potent bioactive antioxidant found to be effective in the prevention and treatment of various conditions including diabetes, liver damage, and cancer.
  • Coffee leaves contain high levels of anti–inflammatory compounds with a potential to regulate blood sugar levels, in turn contributing to the prevention and management of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Coffee leaves are found to be low in caffeine with levels lower than green tea.
  • Coffee leaves are also believed to boost metabolism, which  in turn contributes to better weight management 

Wake up to the aroma of original kuti or curl up with Chai Kuti

Social Impact
  • Coffee leaves are constantly being produced and the leaves are sustainably harvested during the regular pruning of mature coffee trees.
  • Coffee bean harvest season only last few months. However, coffee leaf tea production provides all year-round employment for coffee pickers, as such, provides additional revenue stream for the farmers in the off-season.
  • Helps to minimize waste by up-cycling the coffee leaves that farmers would typically discard.
  • We use plastic free, recyclable and recycled packaging materials wherever possible.
  • Our plant-based pyramid tea bags are entirely plastic free and are made from cornstarch.
  • Our tea boxes are made from sustainable sources from natural Kraft and are recyclable.
  • Our pouch is 100% compostable.
  • Packed in small batches in the UK. This allows us to maintain the highest standards of quality and deliver a unique and freshly prepared range of blends.


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