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Take your love of coffee to the next level

When we think of coffee, we mostly think of the beans, those little miracles that make our busy lives somewhat bearable. But what if we told you the true wonders of the coffee plant doesn’t really end there?

Muya, a London based company, is introducing for the first time to the UK market the unsung heroes of the coffee plant “Ku- Tea” Coffee Leaf Tea and “Cascara” Coffee Cherry Husk Tea. A smooth refreshing tea with earthy notes in the background- made from Arabica Coffee plant.

The traditional consumption of coffee leaves and coffee cherry skin infused as tea, goes back for centuries in coffee producing countries. 

Why the coffee plant?

  1. Minimally-processed, Non-toxic Products

Our interest in discovering natural health and wellness products has substantially grown as we become more conscious of what we ingest and apply on our skins. Muya’s response to this need and demand naturally involved looking into indigenous cultures where minimally processed ingredients are found to be the key to the good health and well-being of the communities. Using coffee plant fits into this interest and help to shift our consumption patterns to more natural and non-toxic products.

  1. Protect your health and skin

The functional properties of coffee plant including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial activities is very much evident. Research have shown that Coffee bean and its by-products contain range of bioactive compounds (other than caffeine) that promote health and wellness. Coffee bean and coffee leaf extracts possess anti-aging properties and are found to significantly reduce the degradation of skin elasticity, sagging skin, and premature wrinkle formation.

  1. Minimize Coffee Industry Waste

Unfortunately, the world market is only after the coffee bean, which means the rest of the coffee plant is discarded as waste. Not only are we missing out on all the goodness of the by-products of the coffee plant but also contributing to multimillion tons of residual waste. At Muya, we work with farmers in Ethiopia where we buy coffee beans, but also the coffee leaves and coffee cherry husks and upcycle them to make our beverages, treats, and personal care products.

  1. Create an income stream for farmers

Muya provides an additional income stream for farmers who would otherwise be out of jobs during the off-season. Purchasing the by-products of the coffee plant opens up multiple harvesting opportunities for these farmers and women in these communities.


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