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“Kuti”, as it is known locally, has been one of the best kept secrets among Ethiopians, until now. The regular consumption of coffee leaf tea is a centuries-old tradition in Dire Dawa, a region in Eastern part of Ethiopia renowned for its gourmet Arabica coffee plant. As also a place where my family hail from, the notable taste and distinct aroma of a freshly brewed coffee leaf tea at my grandparents home is a childhood memory that remains entrenched in my mind. It is no surprise then that coffee leaf tea isn’t just a business for me, it is a passion, a symbol of attachment, it is love. 

The consumption of coffee leaf tea remain an endeavor only local communities in few countries get to enjoy. Thanks to fresh-thinking entrepreneurs, it is slowly getting the recognition it deserves and on its way to becoming the next best thing in the world of beverages. Wize Monkey has made it widely available in Canada and with the recent seal of approval by The European Food Safety Authority, consumers in this side of the pond are set to experience this wonder of a brew. 

It is therefore my pleasure to bring, for the first time, Ethiopian coffee leaf tea to the UK and European market. It is my intention to create awareness of this unsung hero of the coffee plant, to dare coffee lovers to go a bit further than the beans, and to share with others the immense benefits I always relished. 

It doesn’t end there. I am also inspired by the coffee farmers in Harar, motivated by their tenacity but also their economic vulnerability. I found coffee farmers do not have regular income as coffee is harvested twice a year in this region. Expanding the coffee leaf tea business beyond local consumers would therefore create job opportunities for these farmers, provide fair and regular stream of income throughout the year, as well as promote sustainability as they reduce wastage. Purchasing and importing the various blends incorporated in the coffee leaf tea, such as hibiscus and mint, from Ethiopia would also allow me to create regular employment to women in the farming areas.