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It doesn’t matter if you have only enjoyed Ethiopian food once or twice, or you consider yourself an expert in the dishes and flavours, it’s hard to beat the delight of enjoying Ethiopian cuisine at home. You may be a complete newbie to Ethiopian food, in which case you are in for a treat.

Whether it’s at the end of a busy work day or a weekend gathering with friends, you can count on Ethiopian dishes to bring bold and fresh flavours. They really do tick every box when it comes to spices, aromatics and taste. So, it’s no wonder many people are keen to get stuck into Ethiopian food at home. Luckily, this is where we come in. 

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Enjoy Muya Ethiopian Kitchen at Home

If you are looking to enjoy Ethiopian food at home, you have come to the right place. At Muya, we have a wide variety of products that allow you to immerse yourself in Ethiopian cuisine from the comfort of your own home. From kuti shai to spiced infused coffee, from vegan ghee to gluten free artisan teff bread, we have something for everyone. We even have meal kits to guide you through creating an authentic Ethiopian meal at home. To find out more about Muya and our Ethiopian kitchen, get in touch with our helpful team.

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Ethiopian Dishes to Try at Home


t Muya, we are passionate about Ethiopian ingredients and dishes. We know that finding reliable recipes and the correct ingredients can be difficult, which is why we have set out to make things as easy as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you want to get your hands on gluten free bread or prepare a traditional dish for your family, we have everything you need.

Dinich Wot, Shiro Wot, Misir Wot and Doro Wot are all popular Ethiopian dishes. Thanks to our kit, you can whip up your own delicious meal at home in a simple and straightforward way. All of our kits come with a range of sides and accompaniments to choose from, so you really can make the meal your own. By following the shopping list and recipe card, you will have everything you need to prepare an authentic Ethiopian dish. The hardest part is deciding which signature dish you want to try first, as they are all enticing in their own way.