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    Ethiopia is regarded as the home of coffee, with wild-growing different kinds of Coffee species that are being roasted and provided. We are here to give you the taste of delicious raw coffee derived from the farms of Ethiopia. We know getting the taste of ideal coffee at times becomes quite tricky. But not anymore; with our years of work and market in the coffee providers, we are here with ultimate coffee. Our coffee tastes the best and gets blended easily with your favorite drinks. Feel free to buy raw Ethiopian green coffee beans online at the best possible prices. 

    Our Story

    Our coffee master travels around the Ethiopia, searching for farmers that produce the highest quality beans. The finest specialty beans are carefully selected and sent directly to each Roasting Plant. We carefully roasted these beans, which were grown under native shade trees, to create a smooth and full-bodied cup ideal for individuals who enjoy espresso-based drinks. It’s made with the Swiss water method (using only fresh water to eliminate the caffeine – no harmful chemicals involved naturally). It is the ideal bean to enjoy with a late afternoon coffee or alone for its delicious flavor. You can experiment with new flavors at the Roasting Plant. We grind, brew, and enjoy right away to create your distinct flavor.

    Why Our Coffee?

    Our Ethiopian coffees are among the most diverse and distinctive in the world. The region where we grow our coffee is well-known for having good climate conditions for coffee cultivation. This is owing to high heights ranging from 1600 to 1900 meters, abundant rainfall, ideal temperatures, and rich soil. Our coffee is generally good quality, with distinct sweet lemon and flowery flavors and a perfect mix of acidity and body. 

    Wide Selection

    We provide a wide selection of freshly roasted coffee beans from across Ethiopia online ( and we also offer cascara coffee cherry tea ). Our coffee from Ethiopia, Harra, Bala, and other parts is traded directly, ensuring that growers are compensated fairly for their efforts.

    Steady Supply

    A steady supply of great coffee in the office is a tremendous motivation for employees. We make it simple for you to serve excellent coffee in your office and can offer assistance in selecting appropriate equipment for the number of employees.

    Highest Quality

    Coffee of the most excellent quality, sourced from farms with care, especially roasted to bring out the best flavors and aromas, and brought fresh to you. The specialty of origin is coffee from the mineral-rich soils. All the manufacturing, harvesting, and growing are done under controlled conditions. 


    It has twice the caffeine, a fuller crema, and less acidity than its Arabica cousin, and it has overtones of hazelnut and dark chocolate. Ideal for espresso or milk-based drinks or any coffee you want. Our coffee can blend in the best possible way. 

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    Exciting Benefits Of Our Coffee

    • Ideal for cafeteria, filter, and drip
    • Drink Regularly
    • Keeps your Refreshing
    • Natural and Pure
    • Amazing Smell
    • Derived Organically
    • No adulteration