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  • Give Life More Flavors With Our Loose Leaf Tea

    Browse and buy loose leaf tea UK from our vast variety of over 100 authentic luxury loose leaf teas, responsibly produced from the world’s most wonderful tea gardens and covering all popular categories and forms such as loose-leaf and teabags. All of our beans are responsibly sourced and will come with a small explanation about the selection. Muya is more than just a coffee shop. We aim to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to turn our raw ethiopian coffee beans into the most excellent coffee you’ve ever had, right in the comfort of your own home. Subscribing to our flexible specialty coffee package is one way you can join our community of coffee lovers while also supporting coffee growers!

    Why Our Loose Leaf Tea?

    Our unique loose leaf teas are held in biodegradable silken tea pouches by our ingenious loose leaf Tea Pyramids. All of the benefits of drinking loose tea without a kettle or tea strainer! The bags are composed of cornstarch and are entirely biodegradable and free of plastic. Buy this loose leaf tea UK and enjoy this caffeine-free brew of pure Tea with a sweet earthy apple flavor and scent.

    If you want to enjoy the world’s favorite beverage at its most authentic, immerse yourself in the world of loose-leaf tea. We provide some of the best tea leaves in the world, carefully sourced from tea farms and herbal and fruit infusions, all available in our online store. Our online store has a perfect cup of tea for everyone, whether you’re a tea connoisseur, enthusiast, or want to explore the world of loose-leaf teas.

    We only utilize the highest quality leaves from across the world, weighed and packed in-house by our expert staff. With over 50 specifically picked loose leaf teas, we aspire to provide the best for our tea-loving nation and beyond.

    Quality At its Best

    We obtain our teas directly from tea farmers and authorized quality suppliers, ensuring that each product is of the most excellent quality. The majority of the tea is purchased from Ethical Tea Partnerships producers. Many of our loose teas UK are certified organic within their growing location; see our lemon ginger kombucha tea collection for a complete list.

    Whatever tea you prefer – black, green, white, red, yellow, herbal, decaffeinated – we have in stock here in the UK to ensure a quick delivery. Our loose tea for sale online is available for the best help. We have one of the most extensive selections of decaffeinated loose-leaf teas in the UK. We have collaborated with specialists to provide a well-researched range of Ayurveda, herbal, detox, and wellness teas. Our flavorful fruit infusions are lovely served hot or cold over ice, making them ideal for the warmer months.

    Special Features

    • Floral Aroma with No Caffeine
    • Flavor: Fresh
    • Mildly Fruity
    • Superior Quality
    • Complete Organic
    • Caffeine Free

    Sealed for freshness and delivered to your door, ready to drink! Buy loose tea UK from us before it’s too late.