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Cascara “15 Coffee Cherry Husk Tea Bags”


Cascara tea takes the husk of the coffee cherry and dries it to produce an entirely unique flavour that has to be experienced. While the husk may have previously been discarded during the coffee making process, cascara has recently become a popular drink due to its warm, sweet and earthy flavour that sits somewhere between tea and coffee – yet is lower in caffeine. Thought to be good for cognition and mood, cascara is the ideal after dinner drink to share with friends, plus it is highly sustainable.

Packed in a convenient, high quality biodegradable pyramid tea bags. Our tea bags are made out of corn starch and can be composted.

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Cascara meaning “husk” or “shell” in Spanish. With lower amounts of caffeine than green tea, it is a healthy option and a robust alternative for tea fans. Cascara is jam-packed with antioxidants! Admired for its anti-inflammatory and balancing the body’s production of nitric oxide benefits, it has been widely consumed in Ethiopia, South Sudan, West Sumatera, Jamaica, and Java for centuries.

Typically, coffee husk are discarded by coffee farmers, Muya Cascara production provides farmers; with economic benefits and helps minimise the waste produced through coffee farming.

Steep for 5-7 minutes or longer release its sweet flavours and aroma.

Can be served on its own or with: sugar, milk, honey and/or fresh lemon.

Iced Tea: Allow the tea to cool down once brewed, pour into a jug and transfer in to a refrigerator overnight. Add ice cubes before serving.

Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight.

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Ingredients: Coffee cherry skin.

Dairy free, gluten free and Keto.


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