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Ginger Lemon Kuti “Loose Coffee Leaf Tea”


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The sharpness of lemon and subtle heat of ginger are the perfect accompaniment to our Coffee Leaf Tea. Not only do these flavours mix perfectly to produce an enjoyable drink for any time of the day, but the immune boosting properties of these infusions make it an ideal drink for warding off those Winter chills. If you happen to be detoxing, a warm cup of this tea each morning will boost the process and could even lead to additional weight loss.



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With lower amounts of caffeine than green tea, it is a healthy option and a robust alternative for tea fans.  Admired for its anti-inflammatory and balancing the body’s production of nitric oxide benefits, it has been widely consumed in Ethiopia, South Sudan, West Sumatera, Jamaica, and Java for centuries.

Typically, coffee leaves are discarded by coffee farmers, Muya Coffee leaf tea production provides farmers; with economic benefits and helps minimise the waste produced through coffee farming.

Muya Kuti tea can be brewed in a teapot or steeped. Feel free to brew for longer to release its sweet flavours and aroma. Unlike other tea, Muya coffee leaf tea does not become bitter.

Can be served on its own or with: sugar, milk, honey and/or fresh lemon.

Iced Tea: Allow the tea to cool down once brewed, pour into a jug and transfer in to a refrigerator overnight. Add ice cubes before serving.

Store in a cool dry area out of direct sunlight.

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Ingredients: Arabica Coffee leaves, ginger root and lemon peal. 60g

Dairy free, gluten free and Keto.

2 reviews for Ginger Lemon Kuti “Loose Coffee Leaf Tea”

  1. Jack Coleman

    I bought this from Hawley Wharf produce market. The flavour isn’t strong which I like. I have been using this tea in the evenings with milk and honey. Just delicious and a great way of using a byproduct.

  2. Simona

    Amazing taste, excellent health benefits, and sustainable!! Highly recommend! Can’t wait for my next order.

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