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    kuti tea 1 Original Kuti
    Cascara tea takes the husk of the coffee cherry and dries it to produce an entirely unique flavour that has to be experienced. While the husk may have previously been discarded during the coffee making process, cascara has recently become a popular drink due to its warm, sweet and earthy flavour that sits somewhere between tea and coffee – yet is lower in caffeine. Thought to be good for cognition and mood, cascara is the ideal after dinner drink to share with friends, plus it is highly sustainable.  
  • thumbnail IMG 5636 rotated 1 Chia Kuti
    This warm and inviting Coffee Leaf Tea infusion marries cinnamon, cardamom and clove with our best blend of Kuti leaves.  You will enjoy the heady scent that fills the room as you prepare this tea and on a cold Winter’s evening. Nothing is better than this scent wafting through your home. Incorporating traditional Christmas spices, this tea is perfect brewed with milk or served cold over ice when the weather turns warmer.
  • kuti shie lemon and ginger Kuti lemon and ginger 1
    The sharpness of lemon and subtle heat of ginger are the perfect accompaniment to our Coffee Leaf Tea. Not only do these flavours mix perfectly to produce an enjoyable drink for any time of the day, but the immune boosting properties of these infusions make it an ideal drink for warding off those Winter chills. If you happen to be detoxing, a warm cup of this tea each morning will boost the process and could even lead to additional weight loss.    
  • Hibiscus Coffee leaf tea Kuti Hibiscus
    Not only will your Coffee Leaf Tea take on the rose colour of the hibiscus, but this infusion will also impart a subtle cranberry flavour that will get your senses moving, even on the most sluggish day. We have added a tartness to our sweet Kuti leaf to provide the perfect balance for this blend. Designed to be a refreshing and distinctive tea, it is also thought to reduce free radical damage and could even boost your immune system.
  • Kuti Mint with ice and fresh lemon Mint Kuti
    Try our mint infused Coffee Leaf Tea over ice on a warm summer morning. The naturally sweet Kuti leaves are complemented by the refreshing mint to give the perfect fragrant drink for warm weather. Great after meals to reduce indigestion and irritable bowel symptoms too. Coffee Leaf Tea is free from the bitterness of coffee and has less caffeine than green tea – yet it has a deep and rich flavour that mixes perfectly with fresh mint for a delicious drink.    
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    thumbnail IMG 5636 rotated 1 kuti new
    Grown across Ethiopia, the Moringa tree (also known as the Drumstick tree) is the source of the leaves that we use to infuse our Coffee Leaf Tea. The moringa leaf is known to contain 7 times more vitamin C than oranges and 15 times the potassium of bananas, while also providing antioxidants that could protect against heart disease and type 2 diabetes. We also know that the flavour that it adds to our tea is likened to matcha – with a distinct earthy robustness that balances the sweetness of the Kuti.
  • thumbnail IMG 5636 rotated 1 Dark Kuti
    With a smoky, earthy and robust flavour, our dark Coffee Leaf Tea is the perfect alternative to your daily dose of caffeine. Roasted over an open flame to develop its mature flavour and grown on the Bale Mountain ranges of Ethiopia where it is known as Kuti, this dark roast offers the natural sweetness and low acidity that makes every cup something to be savoured and enjoyed. Containing high levels of a compound known as mangiferin, coffee leaf tea (just like green tea) has strong anti-inflammatory properties.
  • kuti tea 1 Original Kuti
    Gathered from the Harrar region of Ethiopia, this Coffee Leaf Tea may be light in colour, but it offers a complex and vibrant flavour that will surprise and delight. With less astringency than coffee, this tea has a natural sweetness, plus dozens of health-giving benefits such as increased cognitive function and lower caffeine levels than your standard teas. Sustainable and farmer-friendly, our light Coffee Leaf Tea is an everyday drink that always feels special.  
  • Thyme Kuti Thyme Coffee leaf te
    Our Ethiopian Tosign Coffee Leaf Tea blend features Ethiopian dried thyme with its aromatic savoury flavour. Developed using the Kuti leaf and infused with dried thyme, this infusion is perfect for adding a subtle spicy flavour to your tea. Known as “tosign” in Ethiopia, this sweet locally grown herb is also thought to be a natural way to ease inflammation and support your gastrointestinal health.